West Bay Breakfast™ Black Tea

West Bay Breakfast Black Tea


West Bay Breakfast is a smooth and energizing black tea featuring premium teas from China and India. This black tea blend is then infused with sweet cherry bits to add gentle undertones of fresh fruit. West Bay Breakfast is our signature black tea, inspired by the cherry capital of the world, Northern Michigan. Contains caffeine.


Small | 1.5 oz | 15 Cups
Medium | 4 oz | 40 Cups
Large | 16 oz | 150+ Cups


• Organic Black Tea
• Organic Cherry Bits


Benefits to Your Health *

Black Tea: Black tea is made from the oxidized leaf of the Camellia sinensis plant. One of its most desirable benefit is the high caffeine content, which is usually 50-100 mg per cup (about half as much caffeine as coffee). Black tea is also full of antioxidants that help the body fight off harmful free radicals, and it has been shown to reduce the risks of various diseases.


Steeping Instructions

We recommend steeping 2 tsp of West Bay Breakfast for 3-5 minutes with 8 oz of 195℉ water.
When black tea is steeped for too long or with water that is too hot, the tea can become bitter and not nearly as tasty. Brewing tea is simple, but it is important to follow our specific instructions for each tea so your tea tastes as good as possible.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

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