Standard Private Label Tea Program

Lamie Wellness Tea Co.



Standard Private Label Tea Program   |   MOQ 10


  • Low Minimum Order
  • Short Lead Time
  • Classic Lamie Wellness Label Design
  • Kraft Stand-Up Pouch Packaging
  • Natural Compostable Labels


Lead Time

Most private label projects are ready within 1-3 weeks, although larger orders and custom orders may take longer. We may not have all the materials needed on hand to begin your project. Material sourcing may take an additional 1-4 weeks depending on material availability. We will be able to give you more details when you tell us what you want!


Minimum Order Quantity

We offer very low minimum order quantities (MOQ) compared to most other private label programs. All MOQs are for one type of tea. For example, if the MOQ is 10 units for the program you choose, then you must get at least 10 units of each type of tea that you want to offer. Please keep in mind that the price per unit is significantly lower for higher quantity orders. 


Premium Ingredients

All of our teas are made with the highest quality, fresh ingredients from around the world, and many of our ingredients come from organic farms right here in the United States. We support fair wages for our tea and herb partners in India, China, Japan and all other countries that we source from. Since some of our teas are made with more expensive ingredients, you may be charged a Premium Ingredient Fee for certain teas that are more expensive for us to produce. Contact Us for our current tea offering and prices.


Shipping Policies

All orders of $299 or more ship for free for the Standard Private Label Tea Program. We ship most of our orders through USPS Priority Mail, although larger orders may be shipped with UPS. Please let us know if you would like to request a specific shipping method!


Payment Details

After you decide the specifics of what you want for your private label tea program, we will create a custom invoice for you that outlines all of the details and costs of your program. This allows you to visualize the total cost of your private label tea project before we start. All private label tea programs are required to be paid in full before we can begin to work on your tea. Your payment is non-refundable once your order is placed since we will be using it to purchase the raw materials for your private label tea project.


Estimated Costs

The initial invoice that we send you for your Private Label Tea Program will include several estimated amounts, including the total raw material cost and the cost of shipping. We estimate the total cost of the raw materials needed for your project, but the actual cost may be different than our estimated amount. If this is the case, we will either refund you the amount that you over-paid, or we will send you a separate invoice that includes the additional costs. Our estimates tend to be very accurate, and this step is usually not necessary.


Return Policy

Since all of our private label tea programs are personalized and require custom branding, all private label purchases are final once payment has been received. We do not accept returns on custom branded products. Please make sure that all the details of your private label project are correct before placing your order. 


Logo Design

Lamie Wellness offers several logo design programs to help you create the perfect new logo for your tea brand and to help you make adjustment to your existing logo if needed. All private label partners must either supply their own logo (in the requested file type) or purchase a logo through Lamie Wellness. Our Private Label Tea Programs do not include any form of logo design within the program. All logo design and other special design requests will typically be billed separately from your private label program. Please contact us at for details!



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