Daily Matcha Green Tea Capsules

Matcha Green Tea Capsules

Made with Organic Japanese Matcha

Daily Matcha™ Green Tea Capsules are the easiest way to add green tea to your daily wellness routine. Similar to our ceremonial grade matcha, our matcha capsules are made with the highest quality, organic matcha powder from Japan. 

Matcha is a powerful wellness product that should be taken daily for best results. Our capsules are made with fresh Japanese matcha, and a typical serving size is just 2 capsules daily. You may take 2-4 capsules up to 3 times daily for extra wellness benefits and increased mental clarity.*

Caffeine Content: 30-40 mg per serving (2 capsules)

Similar to our ceremonial grade matcha, our matcha capsules are made with the highest quality Japanese matcha. Matcha has been shown to have 10x more of some of the beneficial compounds and antioxidants than traditional tea and other popular superfoods.*


Organic Matcha Green Tea

Vegan Capsules (pullulan)

Matcha         1,100 mg



Matcha Origin: Shizuoka, Japan
Handmade in Traverse City, Michigan


About Herbal Capsules

Herbal Capsules are one of the easiest and most effective ways to experience the amazing benefits of medicinal plants and herbs. Lamie Wellness Herbal Capsules are full of the same health benefits as our handcrafted teas, and they are packed into one simple serving! Often taken to help support a healthy lifestyle, herbal capsules are the go-to wellness product for many people who are trying to stay happy and healthy, naturally.*


This product is not recommended for children. Consult your doctor before taking herbal capsules and other herbal supplements. We strongly recommend that you research the potential health benefits and risks of using herbal products before taking herbal supplements. Avoid taking other prescription medicines while taking herbal capsules. These are powerful herbal products and may have a negative impact on the effectiveness of other medications.
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