The State Of Lamie Wellness's Sustainability Efforts: March 2020

The State Of Lamie Wellness's Sustainability Efforts: March 2020

March 14, 2020

Lamie Wellness's Sustainability Efforts: March 2020

As we see it, 2020 is a very exciting year for sustainability. More companies are choosing better packaging options and going beyond the walls of their offices to do impactful community activities. Individual consumers are realizing the power they have when making daily purchasing decisions. Needless to say, we are very optimistic about the future for sustainable practices and we are always looking for better ways to improve our efforts as well.


Beautiful National Park

What is Lamie Wellness Doing Now?

When we first started our business, we had a vision of making a difference regarding our impact on the environment and our eco-conscience decision making. Now that we are 1 year into our adventure, we are proud of the minimal environmental impact of Lamie Wellness. From recyclable product packaging and shipping boxes to compostable printing labels and non-toxic ink, we are always looking for innovative ways to create a more sustainable business. We continue to make our decisions with the guiding principles of minimizing our environmental impact, limiting the energy used to produce a product, and emphasizing the renewability of the materials that we use. Here are five efforts that we are currently making towards a more Earth-friendly future!

Packaging Used For Our Tea

When it came to how we delivered our product to you, we knew there was a way we could make it happen without using a material that might sit in a landfill for a very long time waiting to break down with no benefit. That is when we decided to go with compostable packaging. So far, this has been a big challenge since many other companies see this option as a good solution as well. That being said, we have gone through many hoops, to and from compostable packaging to find a viable option. WeNational Park Teas in Stand up Pouches currently use the same looking packages that we have used since day one, which were compostable, but only in a commercial facility. This lead to some legal issues and with our goal to have packaging that would compost in a home pile, we have decided to go with a recyclable alternative for the time being. Our efforts don't stop there! We continue to search each day for that ideal, home compostable packaging. The time will come soon when we reach this goal.

100% Recycled Shipping Boxes

Shipping materials are one of the largest contributors to the waste generated by businesses around the world. Since we are primarily an online business, we ship our products all over the country on a daily basis. That is why we focus so much time and energy on sourcing the most sustainable shipping materials.
We have teamed up with EcoEnclose, an eco-friendly supplier of shipping boxes and materials. The shipping boxes that we get from EcoEnclose are made of 100% recycled materials (95% post-consumer materials) and manufactured in the United States. Our goal is to create a zero-waste package so that our customers can easily reuse, recycle or compost all of the materials they receive from us.
Eco Enclosed Packaging Partnership

Bike-Friendly Workplace

We are reminded every day how fortunate we are to be located in Traverse City, Michigan. Traverse City is not only one of the most beautiful places in all of the Midwest (my opinion, of course) but also a health-focused community that values Earth-friendly initiatives and sustainable practices. TC is already a bike-friendly town, and it continues to become easier to choose low-impact methods of transportation. We see biking as a great way to get to and from work and help us reduce our use of fossil fuels. Our facility also encourages the use of bikes, as it offers bike parking and places to shower. Our goal is to offer incentives to our company employees for choosing cleaner ways to commute to work. The Lamie Brothers will begin biking to the office as much as possible starting in the summer of 2020!

One Tree Planted 

For every online order we receive through, we plant a tree! We proudly partnered with the National Forest Foundation to plant one native tree in National Forests across the US. Tree planting in our National Forests helps fight climate change, conserve wildlife habitat, and ensure healthy watersheds for all Americans! Simply by enjoying Lamie Wellness tea, you are contributing to the NFF’s 50 Million for Our Forests campaign, the largest campaign in support of reforesting our publicly-owned National Forests.
One Tree Planted Program

Sustainable Farming Practices 

There are many ways in which farming can help reduce our impacts on the environment and help us achieve a carbon-neutral business. We have chosen to use organic ingredients when we create our signature tea blends. Organic farming practices are one step closer to treating the land where our herbs and teas come from with more respect and care. Not only do we emphasize the importance of the way in which our ingredients are cultivated but also how the people who grow these ingredients are treated. Organic farming and fair trade practices are our first steps to sourcing and incorporating the best ingredients into our products, and our goal is to become Organic and Fair Trade Certified. Coming soon!

The Future 

There are so many thoughtful and creative initiatives that we are thinking of to help make Earth a cleaner and healthier place to be. We are very interested in becoming a Benefit Corporation (B Corp) and are making steps every day to do so. Our goal is to continue to run this health-focused business to show what it looks like to be a company that puts people and the environment before profits.
We are so grateful for your support as we continue this adventure. We would not be able to do any of this without our wonderful customers and partners. Stick around as we continue to make our world a better place!
The Lamie Brothers

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